Privacy statement

ADRIATIC RIVIERA, OIB: 00591082598, Katarine Zrinske 7, 23000 Zadar, is a real estate agency which offers brokerage services.
Through our business we collect and process personal customer (buyer) information as well as information of other parties interested in our services. The collected data are processed and stored in a transparent and safe manner, primarily by respecting your privacy and in accordance with the laws and regulations of Republic of Croatia and European Union.


How we collect customer data

Personal customer information is being collected through the contact form used on our web site For collecting information via our web site we use https protocol and safety certificate (SSL) to encrypt data between computers and servers.


Which customer data we collect and process

Through the contact form link on our web site we collect the next information:
- name
- surname
- e-mail
- telephone number
- mobile phone number.
We protect and process the collected data in a safe manner. The access to collected data is available only to authorized personel to whom it is necessary to carry out their work.


Why we collect customer data

We collect personal customer data through the linked contact form so we could:
- respond to customer inquiries
- make an offer to customer
- make the occasional service and bid notifications.
Personal customer data is collected and processed only for specific and statuory purposes and it is not being further processed unless otherwise prescribed by law or based on cajolement.


To who we share personal customer data

Personal customer data are not being sold to third parties.
To accommodate and distribute emails we use services of, Domovinskog Rata 2, 23000 Zadar (Processor), which is the processing operator and the service provider that has an administrator access to mail server for the purpose of maintenance and proper operation of service. The Processor has secured the use of a security certificate (SSL) whereby all personal data collected through our web site and delieverd through mail server are fully encrypted and protected against abuse and possible theft. Between the processing manager (Adriatic Riviera) and the processing operator (Processor), a confidentiality agreement on personal data was signed.
The collected personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties except in cases where the legal state institutions request such information.


How long personal data are being kept

The collected personal customer data are kept and processed only as long as is necessary for the execution of certain legitimate purposes, unless the applicable regulations are foreseen for a particular purpose for longer or shorter storage times, or in other cases explicitly prescribed by law.


The right to access, modify and correct personal data

At any time you can request access to your personal data, as well as modification or correction of the same by sending an email request to


The right to delete personal data

At any time you can request to delete your personal data by sending an email request to


How we protect the collected personal customer data

Personal customer data are collected in a digital form via secure internet connection protected by security certificate (SSL). For personal data exchange personal data are being encrypted and thus protected against possible theft and abuse.


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