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Other features

The quality of life in Croatia is arguably better than in many western countries.

  1. Rated as the 22nd safest country in the world, clean and safe food and water are available, and the prices are fair.
  2. The majority of Croatians are home-owners – property is mostly handed over to descendants than sold off. Houses in the village are used for weekends or summer, and the younger generation tends to seek housing in the city.
  3. Health care is affordable. Citizens are insured, and a comprehensive $7-month supplemental insurance plan is available.
  4. Education is affordable, most cities have several universities and vocational training.
  5. The economic situation is not ideal but seems to be gradually improving only 25 years since the devastating civil war (Domovinski Rat – or war of the homelands when Croatia became independent. If you come to live here, remember – it’s still a sticky subject.
  6. The majority tend to be multi-lingual and due to its location, it’s a mainly white, but multi-cultural population (Italian, Austrian, and Bosnian influence, to name a few).
  7. It (unfortunately) has its share of bureaucracy. Paperwork can take a long time here. However, there is less competition, since socialism trained people to live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Those with a dream have opportunities here that in the west might be more difficult to achieve due to so much competition. With the world-wide net, technology and education, doors are opening for home-based businesses in the country as well as in the city! Internet connections are essential for this, as well as a good aggregate energy source in case of power failure etc.
  8. Croatia is in a transition period (see above). The 28th member state of the EU, it is ideally located in the center of Europe, so networking and accessibility is not usually a problem.
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