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Prices for property

Prices here arestill competitive compared to many other parts of Europe, but thanks to the climate and its overall high quality of life, costs are definitely on the increase.
In the past year, property in Split increased about 20%.
Zagreb, on the other hand, is holding steady, as well as many other places around the country.

Price comparison list for a residence – prices (m2) that you can expect to find:

Location Current prices 2018 m2 (representative only) Year before 2017 m2
Split 3000€ m2 – 5000€ m2 2500€ m2
Zadar 2000€ m2 1800€ m2
Rijeka 2300€ m2 1500€ m2
Dubrovnik 4500€ m2 3800€ m2
Zagreb (capital) 1800€ m2 1700€ m2
Pula 1500€ m2 1400€ m2
Šibenik 1500€ m2 1400€ m2


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